How To Remove Skin Tags


skin tag removalStatistics indicates that at least one in every two persons is more likely to suffer from skin tags at some stage in a lifetime. Skin tags, also scientifically known as acrochordons, are small, soft and flesh-colored skin growths that may look like warts.
An individual can have anywhere from one to more than one hundred acrochordons. While acrochordons are harmless, they can cause detrimental effects such as loss of confidence, self-esteem among other personal effects.

Why and where do skin tags occur?

Whereas little is known what causes skin tags, some factors such as hormonal changes, bacterial infections as well as some bodily factors are thought to contribute to the development of these infections.
As in any infection or disease, the body immunity plays a leading role in the development of skin tags. Infections that lower the immune status of a body are thought to be the contributing factors of acrochordons infections. This is why skin tags are common among immune-compromised people such as diabetic individuals, the elderly, pregnant women and obese adults.

Also, some researchers observe that acrochordons may develop on sites where the skin brushes against clothing or other skin parts. In fact, some researchers believe that this phenomenon explains the common skin tag causes among some people who are obese. In other cases, individuals can become infected by skin tags without any clear or obvious reason and sometimes experience itchy skin.

Skin tags can affect any part of the human body including the neck, eyelids, groin folds, armpits and under the breasts in women. Sometimes, acrochordons can also develop underneath the folds of buttocks while in other cases; they can grow near extremities such as fingers and toes.
Infected skin tag; what are the causes and remedies?

how to remove skin tagsMost skin tags growing on or near regions of the body that are less disturbed’ are likely to remain uninfected, however, exposed regions especially those around the neck and folds of the buttocks may become infected due to rubbing and scratching. Rubbing can be caused by several means including clothing, jewellery, and other human factors. If this rubbing happens repeatedly, the skin tags get bruised and may lead to secondary infection.
Also, inappropriate skin tag removal techniques can cause secondary infections. Such techniques can involve the use of unhygienic surgical tools when removing skin tags, improper management of the resulting wound as well as incomplete removal of the skin tag.

If the worst come to pass, and the region around the skin tag becomes infected, the following remedies can help;

– Clean the region using an antibacterial cleaner
– Do not scratch the region as this may inflict further damage
– Use clean, warm water to wash the wound
– Use a topical cream to keep the wound protected from other damages such as drying and irritation

How to remove skin tags

In most cases, less serious cases of skin tags can be removed easily by an individual. However, mistakes can arise during the procedure. To minimizes the occurrence of mistakes especially when dealing with many skin tags, it is necessary to seek the advice of a qualified or practising GP. A GP can recommend the following techniques for skin tag removal;

– Surgical removal using local anaesthesia. Surgical removal is done by qualified doctors.
– Burning or freezing. Temperature treatment is thought to diminish the growth of skin tags
– Cutting off using a pair of sterilized scissors. This technique is usually recommended when the skin tag involved is small or less serious.
– Tying. Tying involves cutting blood supply to the base of the skin thus cause the skin tag to drop off.
– Dry skin tag removal.

Some skin tags removal cream and ointments especially the apple cider vinegar can be helpful in drying the skin to remove skin tags. This technique is one of the most effective and less painful techniques especially when dealing with small skin tags. However, when using the dry skin tag removal technique, it is important to apply the ointment regularly until the skin tag dries up.
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