How To Remove Acne


how to get rid of acne










Acne occurs when the sebaceous gland in the skin is infected or inflamed. When hair and skin cells clog the hair follicles, it causes the skin to swell up hence causing pimples to break out. The pimples may be red, pink, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts or nodules. Acne can affect anyone from any age or race. There are many different reasons why one could develop of acne. The following are some causes.

Causes of Acne

1. Hormones

During puberty, hormonal changes can trigger acne. The hormones responsible for enlarging the sebaceous gland are testosterone and androgen. At this point, the sebaceous gland makes more oil/ sebum, than the skin can handle. Although sebum is essential for lubricating the skin, nails and hair, it is only needed in small doses. When it’s too much, the body is not able to excrete it fast enough, causing a blocking of the hair follicles. The body also produces hormones during menstruation and pregnancy, and they can also cause acne.

2. Some drugs and medication

Some drugs contain androgens, corticosteroids or lithium, that play an active role in causing acne. If you suffer from acne, kindly let your doctor know so that he/she can prescribe other options that do not contain lithium, corticosteroids or androgens.

3. Stress

Stress can cause acne. Always stay away from stressful situations. You can distract your mind from the stress by doing activities that you enjoy. Yoga is also a great way of relaxing your mind.

4. Food

Foods that cause acne are; foods rich in carbohydrates, and dairy products. Foods such as fruits and vegetable are a great addition to your diet as they contain anti-oxidants that help clear up the skin. Water is also essential as it helps the body in speeding up excretion, hence removing waste products and bad bacteria from the body.

5. Hereditary factors

Acne can run down from generation to generation. If both parents have acne, the probability of their child developing acne at an early age is very likely or at adulthood, if one of the parents had acne.

6. Cosmetics

Greasy cosmetics could cause clogged pores causing them to block, resulting to acne. When the cosmetics block the skin, it means that excretion through the skin cannot happen. The waste products get trapped instead of being let out, and this may cause bacteria to build up and multiply, causing an acne breakout.

7. Tight clothing

Tight clothing such as headbands, tight collars, or helmets can cause acne because they constrain the skin from breathing. If you have to, ensure that you wear headbands or helmets are slightly loose or stay away from activities that require you to wear them.

Although most people believe that one should let acne run its course, it’s very important to treat acne. Failure to treat acne could lead to the development of permanent scars. Pimples on forehead, face, or any part of the body is not an attractive sight and may cause a lot of people to have low self-esteem.

If you have acne, it is paramount to see a qualified dermatologist who will instruct you of the various acne remedies, when to start your treatment and the best acne treatment for you. It’s always best to start treatment early, to avoid getting scars. Treatment could range from prescription drugs or over the counter drugs or you could explore natural acne treatment. Please remember that finding out how to get rid of acne be the key for you to get your self-esteem back as with skin tags it can be very embarrassing in extreme cases.